Tesoro Treat Bundle Pack (includes shipping)

Tesoro Treat Bundle Pack (includes shipping)

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Your parrot will love this healthy, mineral rich, handmade treat. The ecological and sustainable ingredients are germinated and carefully dehydrated to preserve the nutrition.

Now available in three delightful flavors: Original, Blueberry and Veggie. Order all three in the Tesoro Bundle for just $25 with FREE shipping!

(Note: additional items ordered may be shipped in a separate box and will incur separate shipping charges.)

The Tesoro TOP Treat™ is made of seeds, which first are germinated, then gently dried by a low temperature to keep the nutrition alive. On top of all the good nutrition of the germinated seeds, we add turmeric, cinnamon, dulse and a pinch of cayenne pepper to increase the taste and health benefit of this yummy treat.

Organic pumpkin seeds, organic black sesame seeds, organic white sesame seeds, organic golden flax seeds, organic garlic powder, organic dulse flakes, organic cayenne pepper, organic turmeric and cinnamon.

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