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Seed Catcher Cage Net

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STOP! Reduce the amount of bird seeds stuck to the bottom of your feet with this nylon net! You need to stop vacuuming so much.  We have 3 different sizes. View details below. 

***Shipping will take 2-4 weeks for this item*** 

No worries, we will keep you up to date along the way, God willing. 

  • Unique, nylon mesh seed catcher fits securely around your bird's cage to help eliminate messy seed scatter on your floor.
  • Soft, airy fabric allows for air circulation and does not block out the light so your bird's cage interior remains bright.
  • Heavy-duty top and bottom elastic holds the seed catcher snugly in place and eliminates shifting. Machine washable for easy cleaning.

    Color: White, Black, Green

    3 Sizes to choose from 

    Material: Nylon Fabric


    Size Circumference Width
    S 64cm/26"-52" 15cm/6"
    M 96cm/38" - 78" 21cm/8"
    L 120cm/47" - 98" 35cm/14"
    Size Circumference Width
    S 26"-52" 7"
    M 42" - 82" 8"
    L 52" - 100" 13"
    Size Circumference Width
    S 37cm 17.5cm
    M 52cm 19cm
    L 82cm



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