Green parrot on rainbow ladder toy
green parrot on ladder
Green parrot on rainbow bridge
Rainbow colored toy ladder
Rainbow colored ladder for birds

Colorful Wooden Ladder

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BIRBS need ladders! BEWARE, your "birb" will destroy this wooden ladder very soon! Don't expect to keep it in tact long. Buy it so your fluffy friend can enjoy tearing it apart. This comes in 3 different sizes. View table below for length. 


***Shipping will take 2-4 weeks for this item*** 


No worries, we will keep you up to date along the way, God willing. 


3 Sizes to choose from:
Sizes Ladder Length Total Length
4 Steps 21cm/8.26inch 31cm/12.2inch
6 Steps
32cm/12.73inch 42cm/16.62inch
8 Steps
46cm/18.1inch 56cm/22inch


Material: Wood+Steel rim
Ladder Wide: 8cm/10cm
Color: Burlywood + Colourful wooden ball
Ladder Width: 8cm/10cm
Thickness: 1.5cm
Distance between each other: 5cm

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